Central Vacuum System – CVAC Series

The CVAC Series is Powerful, Elegant, Efficient and Unmatched Performance for the cleanest home.  It is Robust and Easy to clean.  It has wide range of attachments and accessories. It has internet connectivity which will be help to access the machine more easily. Also our central vacuum cleaners has 4″ Touch Display to visually show the status of the machine. It has three phase continuous duty vacuum generator, which will deliver very high vacuum and airflow.

Top Features of our HOMEVAC Central Vacuum System

  • Internet connectivity for remote operations
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Various range of Attachments
  • High Vacuum and Airflow
  • Noiseless Operation
  • Robust Construction
  • Fully Automated
Homevac Central Vacuum-CVAC Series

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Homevac Central Vacuum Accessories
Model CVAC 3.0 CVAC 5.0
Area Coverage 1500 – 6000 sqft 2500 – 10000 sqft
Collection Capacity 30 litres 30 litres
Size 145 cm tall, 44cm diameter 145 cm tall, 44cm diameter
Sound Level 70 dB 70 dB
Weight 74 kg 77 kg
Vacuum Retractable Hose - Homevac

Vacuum Retractable Hose

The VRH system is a long retractable hose concealed inside the vacuum pipes which can be pulled out when you are cleaning and disappears back into your wall when you are done.

Inlet Port - Homevac

Inlet Port

Vacuum Inlet Ports are placed on walls across your home. All you need to do is plug the hose into the port. The Vacuuming starts automatically when the hose is plugged in and switches of when the hose is un-plugged.

Vacuum Pan - Homevac

Vacuum Pan

Floor Vacuum Ports are installed at floor level at certain locations in your home. You can switch on this Port with a gentle tap of your feet. It is typically used in the Kitchen and any other location where waste can be swept directly into the floor port.

Central Vacuum Installation While Construction

New Home Construction

Installing a Central Vacuum system during construction of a home is very easy and straight forward. Planning the inlet ports, vacuum pipes will be easier and saves time and money.

Home Renovation

Installing a Central Vacuum system in a existing house is also possible with some limitations. Piping’s can be installed outside walls of the house without disturbing the interiors.

Central Vacuum Installation Renovation