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What is a Central Vacuum System?

A Homevac Central vacuum system has a vacuum unit that can be conveniently placed in a concealed location like the garage or power room. It has a cleaning port in every room of the home which is connected through a series of concealed vacuum pipes.

A Central Vacuum System is a modern integrated solution consisting of 3 main elements.

  1. A  Vacuum Suction Device installed permanently into a building’s garage, power room, storage room or any other rooms away from the living area which provides the suction power required to vacuum dust, dirt and any other waste.
  2. A series of Vacuum Pipes concealed in the walls which are designed to move the dirt to the collection tank of the vacuum suction device typically installed in a utility area.
  3. Vacuum Inlet Ports, Vacuum Pan Ports and Vacuum Retractable Hoses which are installed in walls throughout the building and are the primary dirt pick up/collection devices.
Homevac Central Vacuum Concept Layout
HOMEVAC Product Demo
HOMEVAC Product Promo

Features of Central Vacuum System

Powerful Vacuum

Heavy-duty vacuum generator to deliver unmatched suction with non-stop operation.

Hassle Free & Easy to Use

Unlike regular domestic vacuum cleaners, there is no need to carry vacuum cleaner to clean different areas. Machine is designed to automatically switch on when hose is connected.

Robust Construction

Heavy and robust steel construction, specially designed for Indian conditions.

Energy Efficient

CE Certified Vacuum Generators are used which provide best-in-class Energy Efficiency

Low Noise Levels

As the Vacuum Generator is located in the utility area, there is no noise pollution inside the home during cleaning. Homevac machines are also fitted with silencers and noise absorbing material to ensure quiet operation.

Fully Automated

Homevac machines are equipped with a sophisticated digital touchscreen with an option for remote controllability from your mobile.

Benefits of Central Vacuum System

Healthy Living

Homevac central vacuum systems allows you to live in a dust-free environment. A home with a dust-free environment is the foundation to healthier living, especially for people suffering from asthma and dust allergies.

More Suction, Less Power Consumption

Homevac central vacuum systems are 5 to 10 times more powerful than portable domestic vacuum cleaners. This means you create energy savings by cleaning more efficiently in less time. In addition, our products are built-to-last, with robust steel construction and vacuum generators which are capable of 24×7 operation.

Intelligent System
  • Alert when the dust collection tank needs to be emptied
  • Alert for filter change/cleaning is required
  • Automatic shut off if someone forgets to turn off the machine
  • Automatic shut off during power outage (machine will not auto turn on when power supply is restored)
  • In case of emergencies, service team can remotely access and check on the unit




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